A Reaction Paper to Domestic Violence

FaithPoint Logo 1Domestic violence is a serious issue. The violent attacks are usually by men towards women. This issue is not stereotypical to only one type of lifestyle. Domestic violence can occur whether the people involved are rich or poor. Domestic violence also can take place among men in all careers such as police officer, pastor, construction worker, fire fighter. Religion is not a factor because domestic violence can occur whether the people are Christian or non-Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion.
It is possible that a boy grew up in a home and watched his father demonstrate this violent behavior. Watching the father repeatedly commit such actions could cause unpleasant memories to plant themselves within the child’s mind. As the child grows up, he begins to desire a relationship with the opposite sex. Considering that all relationships occasionally have disagreements, this could be a bad situation for that boy in a romantic relationship. Domestic violence does not always occur with grown men. This violence also occurs with teenagers. A young adult that has anger issues and has not been taught how to properly deal with such anger will eventually explode into a verbal typhoon of words or lash out like a cobra spitting its venom.
This writer believes that the main reason domestic violence exists is because men grow up not learning the proper way to deal with anger. Why do young adults and men get angry so quickly? Why is there a lack of self control? Why do men seem to wear their emotions on their sleeves? What are these men afraid of? Anger is usually not the first emotion one experiences. Anger is almost always a byproduct of fear. James 1:19-20 says, “This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.”1 Abuse, both verbal and physical, will do great damage to any relationship. A man that is often violent towards his wife or girlfriend needs Christian counseling. A cell in a prison may give the man time to think about his actions but it does not deal with the underlying root of anger that is ruling his life. Only Christ can deal with such anger. If a man allows Christ to fully become Lord in his life, great change will take place. Christ can change the man’s desires. Anger does not have to be the main response. Whatever fear is in the man’s life can be replaced by putting his full trust in Christ.
Domestic violence could be curbed from the beginning of a person’s life. If parents would properly teach their children how to deal with fear, anger, and pent up frustration, these children may not tend to lash out so quickly. Ultimately, domestic violence is a result of sin. People at their very core are selfish, evil, and do not seek after God. While this is true, it is no excuse. Every man, woman and child are responsible for the decisions they make. Blaming someone else never solves the issue inside a person. A life centered on Christ is the only solution.