On Church Leadership

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Mark Driscoll, in one of his RE:LIT books titled On Church Leadership, talks about just that, Church Leadership. It is a biblical look at Church Leadership structure wrapped in a package that one can read in about an hour. The book shows that Christ is the chief Shepherd and the Pastor is the undershepherd. Christ is the head of the church, not the Pastor or Deacons or Board. The book also explains that one does not have to be ordained to be a Pastor or Elder but must show evidence that he is called by God to proclaim the Gospel. Driscoll also talks about the role of women within the church and talks about women in leadership roles. The book’s appendix includes a copy of the covenant that Mars Hill church uses for its members. The book even discusses the church’s role in biblical church discipline. Regardless of whether the church is a new church plant or one that has been in existence for 100 years, this book is a great guideline on Biblical church leadership.