With: A Guide To Informal Mentoring by Alvin L. Reid

I have long been encouraged by the writings and tweets of Alvin Reid. I love his heart for young adults and college students. As a college pastor, I want to impact as many young adults and college students as I can for Christ. I would love to have lunch with Alvin Reid for the purpose of talking ministry and being stretched and challenged in my own life. I started to think that Alvin’s new mentoring eBook sounded like common sense. I thought it was obvious. However, I am severely wrong. If mentoring was obvious, more people would do it. If it was obvious then the church would have no problem with older men leading younger men and older ladies teaching younger ladies and so on. Informal mentoring is such a great idea that I have been challenged to mentor the young adults I am around often. Alvin presents Christ as the ultimate informal mentor. I wish I had seen that before. Christ is to his disciples and even to Peter, James, and John as Paul was to Timothy as we are to be to others. This is where I pull in a Star Wars reference. We are to be to others as Obi-Wan is to Luke Skywalker. This eBook has challenged me to involve young adults in my life even in the mundane things as grilling out, cleaning my home office, or even washing my car or going to the grocery store. Informal mentoring is truly doing life with someone. I thought I was doing a good job just hanging out with young adults and talking discipleship, doctrine, theology or whatever with them. I thought by taking them to lunch or going to their school for a visit with them was good. It never occurred to me that while all that is good I was missing a very important element. I was not making them a part of my daily life. Yes, they know where I live. Yes, they know my family. But do they really know me? Making these young adults a part of my life even in the things I do not consider important has huge implications. I can better be a Christlike example to young adults by allowing them to witness my life apart from our large Tuesday night college service and Sunday morning small group. I thought that I was being authentic and transparent but transparency allows one to look into a person’s life. What better way of being transparent then by having young adults be a part of your life? This eBook has truly challenged me to disciple and mentor others the way Christ did. I hope through my mentoring that these young adults will have a more intimate relationship with Christ and they will in turn mentor those coming behind them. If you have not read this eBook….read it! It will challenge you.