What Is Change

FaithPoint Logo 1Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Do you have any change in your pockets?
It does not matter who you are, what religion you are or whether you worship Buddha, Oprah, or yourself. I pray you worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Change is inevitable.
This is our question – Deep, Philosophical question……What is change?
The group this should affect the most is we Christians.
What is change?
For a Christian this should be a very important question.
Somebody once said…
Change is not change until you change but we have a problem because we don’t know what change is.
I’ve changed – you’ve changed – we have all changed.
What is change?
We throw the word change around like it’s nothing.
I’m gonna change my life.
I’m changing for real this time.
We are changing stuff all the time.
Deodorants, underwear, type of food – Mexican, Chinese, McDonald’s
Hairstyle, changing friends, ipod playlist
Changing classes, Facebook cover, ring tones
Christians have a habit of using the word change.
*That changed my life
*That book changed my life
*That message changed my life
We like change
We hate change
We cry over change
We sweat over change
What is change?
Duh, Pastor Jimmy – It’s when you change
Changing my mind, changing my location, changing my words
Changing the channel, changing my shoes, changing the radio
What is change?
We drop the word change everywhere….
Conferences, camps, church, concerts, retreats
*I’m going to change my life.
Let’s be honest – We eat at the same restaurants, go to the same Starbucks, and go to the same movie theaters. Do you really think you can fool us? We are family – We live together…We are in the same pictures.
Let’s change change
Let’s redefine change
Family is the first to know if you’ve really changed.
Luke 3:7-9 – John the Baptizer is baptizing people out in the middle of the wilderness. Pharisees and Sadducees show up and get in line.
Are you really changed?
Prove it! Where is your fruit?
Malachi 3
Only God does not change.
Buddha changed
Book of Mormon is changing still
Oprah changes
What do you base your existence on?
Something that changes?
Only God does not change
Jesus using story about the sower.
There are a lot of agents of change.
Dr – change your face – you can be whoever you want to be
TV – change your clothes so you can have a better self esteem
The world says if you don’t like something…Change It!
Jesus is telling a story.
The seed is the Word of God.
Wayside – cement
It is the Word of God with no understanding
It is constantly changing
Proverbs – Guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life
Change or seed is devoured.
What happens when you meet someone from a different religion?
Stony Ground
Seeds land in dirt with rocks
Seeds grow WHOOSH (fast) no roots
This represents momentary change
You change and now people don’t like you.
Thorny Ground
Seed is choked. Not on the surface but underneath in the soil because the soil is filled with worldly desires.
Good Ground
It goes down and over a period of time it produces much fruit.
John 15:8
Where is your fruit?
Change the way you talk! There is power in your words.
For the sake of your family, husband, wife, children….Change the way you talk!
Lying, cussing, putting others down, putting yourself down can do extreme damage to your mind and heart. Do not sabotage yourself!
False humility
You cannot tame the tongue – it is set on fire by hell. YOU CANNOT TAME THE TONGUE!!!
But God can!
For every excuse we give, there is a – but God
We need our tongues set on fire by Heaven!
Friends – How do your friends talk?
Do not tolerate anyone that talks down to you or says anything to sabotage your future.
Real friends fertilize your forest. They encourage and lift you up. They speak words of life. They encourage, edify, and inspire. They also rebuke when necessary to push you towards Jesus.
I will not hang w/anyone that belittles me.
You are not the carpet to be walked on. You are not the ground to be dumped on. You are not a pinata to be beat on. You are not the punching bag for people to take jabs at.
I can go find real friends
Friends that God would be proud of. Friends that glorify God.
When you are connected to God and your life aligns with His Word – Your words can be set on fire from Heaven and you can begin to realize the potential of who you are in Christ.