The Warrior

pic from Flickr by Bruce Geisert

pic from Flickr by Bruce Geisert

Judges 6:12

Diet Pepsi Max according to the commercial, is supposed to be the most invigorating drink on the market. It has some of the same ingredients as energy drinks and it is supposed to contain more caffeine than coffee or Mountain Dew.
Problem – Diet Pepsi Max does not affect me. Maybe its because I drink too much soda or maybe its because I am so used to having caffeine that it really does affect me and I just don’t notice it.
That is the same thing that happens in our culture. We have became absorbed into the culture instead of us impacting the culture to make a change.
Do you remember when you first became a Christian?
You had fire, you were consumed by your passion for Jesus, you picked up your sword and charged into battle. You were ready to take on the devil and all his demons. Gladiator style.
The sword is the only offensive weapon a Roman Warrior had. The warrior is trained to kill. The sword can be used one of two ways. Either a slicing action or a thrusting/stabbing action. A slicing action would not kill because the sides of the blade are not sharp enough. It could hurt your enemy or disorient them long enough for the warrior to turn the sword and deliver the killing blow.
Somewhere along the way, the enemy blindsided you and knocked you to the ground. And the warrior drops the sword. But for whatever reason, the enemy did not kill you, but left you wounded.
How did you get yourself into the situation that left you wounded?
Were you properly equipped?
  1. A warrior that is not properly equipped is an ineffective warrior. It is not enough to charge into battle just having full battle gear. You must know how to use your weapon.
The sword is the Word of God.
You learn to use the sword by faith.
Romans 10:17
2 Timothy 3:16
Hebrews 4:12
The sword intimidates some and some do not know how to properly use it. This makes for a hesitant warrior.
A hesitant warrior is easily distracted by outside things when they lose focus.
  1. A hesitant and distracted warrior is a dead warrior.
Romans 12:2
Luke 9:23
This is a daily fight. We are in this battle for the long haul.
  1. Jesus wants passionate warriors.
Warriors are not afraid to stand for what they believe in.
God must come first in our lives before anything else.
Exodus 20:3
Matthew 22:37-40
  1. A warrior does not fight alone.
Matthew 28:20
Jesus says, “I am with you always.”
Hearing Jesus say that reminds me of a song I sang when I was a kid.
Jesus loves me
This I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong
Jesus has called all of us to be mighty warriors.
He wants to use us as His vessels.
He will even fight the battle for us.
But we must be willing to pick up our sword.