My Notebook Of Choice

I am left-handed so it would make sense to have a journal that keeps me from having to write with that weird left-handers grip. Now, I absolutely enjoy Moleskines but I am a writer and I don’t use my Moleskine for everyday writing. However, I have found a company that sells notebooks for left-handed people.
The company’s name is The Left Hand. They make spiral notebooks for left-handed people. This is genius. The notebooks come in wide-rule and college-rule They make the notebooks in one subject, three subject, and even a smaller size 80 sheet notebook for quick note taking or you could use it as your task list of things that need to get done like I do. The notebook’s spiral has been reversed. The spiral is on the right side of the notebook and the notebook opens right to left as you can see in the picture. I always order more than I need. I probably order them two or three times a year. Other than the spiral there is really no different. The left-handed person does not have to turn the notebook or bend their hand in any awkward positions.There is nothing magical about the notebook, I just enjoy using them. I use them for just about everything, grocery lists, to-do lists, journaling, keeping track of blog posts, sermon prep, and whatever else I choose to write. They have replaced the traditional notebook for me. You can find them at

What do you use for writing?