Rehab Addict

pic from Flickr by HomeSpot HQ

pic from Flickr by HomeSpot HQ

Rehab Addict is a show on DIY network that follows Nicole (the self-proclaimed rehab addict). She buys houses and restores or fixes them up and then flips them for a profit. At the same time, she is also a real estate agent. That seems like a lot of work for one person. On one particular episode; Nicole said that while she has money in one house for renovating it; she also owns another property that she has not been able to do a lot with and it costs her $4000 per month to keep it. While she is good at what she does, she does seem a little in over her head.

I believe that even as leaders we have a tendency to get in over our heads. We take on more than one person was meant to handle. It is hard to take on multiple tasks at the same time and do them all well. For some leaders; this could be an issue of control or selfishness. Maybe you don’t trust anyone to do things as well as you think you can. I have learned from experience that there are always people that can do some things better than me. I have learned that delegating responsibility to other people removes a huge weight off my shoulders. When I do delegate something, I usually give a person something small to begin with. If they fail at their responsibility, I am hesitant to give them something else. However, when I give a person a responsibility, no matter how small and they run with it and see it through to the end; it gives me belief and trust that I can give them bigger responsibilities. I believe as leaders that we should find those that show potential of becoming leaders themselves. We should train them up and allow them the creativity to lead. I believe in empowering leaders not stifling their growth. By training and empowering leaders, you may find yourself surrounded by a team of people that want to help you. You may even wonder how did you ever survive without them.

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