Thoughts On Obedience

FaithPoint Logo 1WHY OBEDIENCE?
Obedience – submissive to authority; comply with orders; fulfill one’s responsibility.
Why do we seem to have a problem with obedience:
Do we have a problem with submission to authority?
Police, parents, pastors, teachers…
Exodus 20:12 – 5th commandment
To honor our parents is to honor God.
To honor other examples of authority is to honor God.
Obedience is not forced upon us. To obey God is our choice.
Genesis 2:16-17
Genesis 3:1-12
However, there are consequences to our disobedience.
Genesis 3:13-24
Delayed obedience is still disobedience.
Obedience with the wrong attitude is still disobedience.
God looks at our heart – Matthew 15:19-20
We make obedience out to be harder than it is.
Obedience begins with love.
Matthew 22:35-40
With this kind of love, everything else just falls into place.
We cannot walk in obedience in the flesh. It is impossible. Living in the flesh profits us absolutely nothing. We are too selfish.
Here is the problem:
We are living in a way that is less than the way that God created us to live.
John 5:23-25
We have eternal life right here, right now. But we do not live in a way that reflects that.
When you are saved – the old part of you has died and has been buried. The new us that is filled with the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ living in us.
You have eternal life right now – if you have repented from your sins and Jesus lives through you – you have eternal life.
God is giving us the ability to live the way he truly called us to live.
Adam messed it up. Jesus fixed it.
Colossians 3:1-14
We don’t need that junk anymore. That garbage died with our old self.
Christ lives in us.
God sees us as holy. Right now. Holy.
Pure. Without blemish. Unstained.
Holy – set apart from the world.
But we don’t live like it.
We worship images in magazines. We covet cars and technology.
Hebrews 5:11-14
Rebel against Pornography
Give God all of your Struggles
Love for Christ = Obedience


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