Notes From Sermon Jesus Is Everything

FaithPoint Logo 1Colossians 1:15-23

v15. Jesus is the reflection of God as a son reflects his father. So whoever has seen Jesus has seen God. Whoever has a relationship with Jesus also has relationship with God.

Jesus is not created – this term is used to mean priority of position – NOT ORIGIN. Jesus has no beginning. The verse means Jesus is eternal. He is before all things.

v16. Jesus is so far from being created that He is the Creator. He made all things from nothing in His eternal wisdom. Jesus is the eternal wisdom of God. Jesus is the eternal Word of God and the world was made by the spoken Word of God.

v17. Things do not just exist. Their order and dependence are because of the power of Jesus. The power of Christ keeps the universe in order instead of the universe spiraling out of control. Jesus is the reason why the universe is in order and not chaos.

v18. Christ is Mediator. Christ is king, ruler, sustainer, redeemer Holy, and full of glory. When Christ returns, he will establish His kingdom on earth. Christ is head of the church. We are His body, His bride. The church is the fullness and strength of Christ. The principle of our resurrection is in Christ. All of our joys and hopes take place in Christ who is the author of our salvation.

v19. God is glorified by the fullness of Himself dwelling in Christ.


v20-23. All things are reconciled through Christ. Jesus shedding His blood is the reason things can be reconciled. Order, peace, redemption, salvation, justification, glorification all happen because of what Christ did for us on the cross.

You no longer have to be a slave to sin.

You can be a slave to Christ.