How A DVR Is Like Reading A Blog

A DVR provides some level of freedom. What does that mean? A DVR provides the ability to record shows or movies and allows you to watch them at your convenience. The control to fast forward commercials, pause a live football game or watch one show while recording another one is too fun to pass up.

So, how is a DVR like reading a blog? I am glad you asked. The best way to tell you is from my own experience. I record a food show. I skim the show to see what recipes are shown on the show. If I do not like any of the recipes, *DELETE*. The same goes for any other show. I could be watching any show but if the show gets to boring, lags, or becomes stupid in its storyline; there are two options. 1. *DELETE*. 2. Fast forward through the junk and get back to the good stuff. If I record a football game. I fast forward through all the garbage – flags, challenges, timeouts, huddles, injuries, etc. It makes a 3 hour game watchable in about an hour and a half.

A blog can be treated the same way. A person might happen upon your blog by searching keywords. They might be a subscriber or a fair-weather reader. All that matters is that they showed up to read what you have written.

Now that the reader is at your blog; what keeps them there? This is something that I have started to take into consideration. Are the headlines compelling? Is the content short, meaningful, relevant…does it matter to the reader? I want to keep them coming back. Readers might browse the blog, skim through what they consider irrelevant and look for the “meat” of the post. That is what they want.

Bloggers need to think of and adapt to their readers. When you write for a reader rather than for yourself, you may stop the fast forward or skimming of the reader. How do you get better at writing? Write. Don’t stop writing. Write, edit, make mistakes, learn, make corrections, keep writing. Don’t give up. You have a tribe of people waiting to read what you have written. Do take the time to develop your style and your writing voice.

I am by no means a “professional” writer. However, I started blogging to make myself a better writer. I hope that I can learn from you and vice versa. I hope that I provided some sort of insight today. It is by no means new or cutting edge but it is no less important.

Write. Read. Learn. Write some more. I look forward to reading your blogs too. Please subscribe or comment. Leave your blog address. I will check it out.

Do you have any tips that you can share with me?

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Greta post. Headlines are so important especially to your RSS readers. When I go through my feed in the morning if the title does not catch my attention then it will be deleted. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and there is no way that I can read them all every day. That is why titles are so important to me. My blog is Again, great post!

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

Thanks for the link to your blog Adam. Your blog has now been added to my Google Reader list.