Survival Tips For Christmas Morning

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Do you remember Christmas Eve as a kid?

The restless excitement and feeble attempts to fall asleep?

Tossing and turning forever with butterflies in your stomach?

What about Christmas morning?

You wake up and for a split second it is just another day.

Then suddenly you realize… it CHRISTMAS!!

Did you ever think about what Christmas was like for parents?

Me neither.

The magic of Christmas waned a little as I grew up.

But, now that I’m a dad my kids have brought it back full force.

Kids can get a little crazy around the holidays.

Between the anticipation of presents, time off from school and way too many candy canes they can become little gremlins.

So what’s a dad to do to maintain the mayhem?

4 Tips to Survive Christmas Morning

After all, you want to keep your family’s sanity intact during the holidays

1. Plan ahead

Don’t leave wrapping until the literal last minute. You don’t want to be fighting with scissors, tape and rolls of festive paper when you’re supposed to be eating milk and cookies on Santa’s behalf.

(special dad tip: gift bags and free in store wrapping are your friends)

Also, let the kids stay up late. There are plenty of Christmas movies to keep them entertained until they pass out and so they sleep in (did you catch that?).

2. Set some boundaries

As kids we weren’t allowed up too early (once we knew how to tell time this was more enforceable).

Open one gift at a time. This spreads out the presents and provides the kids an opportunity to serve as they take turns playing Santa.

3. Establish family traditions

Growing up we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. This usually gave us something to play with if we woke up too early and served to pacify the present fever.

Read the Christmas story from the Bible before anything is unwrapped on Christmas morning. This helps to remind everyone of why this special day is celebrated.

4. Eat breakfast

In all the excitement of presents, fluffy pajamas and a jungle of boxes and wrapping paper it’s surprising easy to forget to eat.

What’s the formula for a holiday meltdown? No sleep + no food.

Kids and parents alike need plenty of both.

BONUS: Relax. Cut everyone some slack.

Christmas is a tough gig because it’s the one day a year EVERYONE looks forward too. That’s a lot of pressure. Something is bound to go wrong. As the parent you can impact the atmosphere in your home and help ensure the spirit of Christmas is preserved.

What are your tips for Christmas?

Ryan Woodham
Ryan Woodham

A tradition I have done over the years, even though kids probably won't notice, but something my parents did notice, is that i would take the little ceramic Jesus and hide him until Christmas morning. This is one thing I plan on teaching my kids when i get older, is that we must place Jesus in the manger before any presents can be opened. So, once that is done the Christmas story will be read and we can have our minds set on Jesus before that festivities start for the day.

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

Thank again KC for writing the guest post.


If you are a parent #1 survival tip: Make sure you have batteries!!!

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

I only have a 7 month old but I have figured out that batteries are now essential like bread and milk.


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