Notes From Sermon On Colossians 2:1-5

Community Of Faith

V1 The great care and concern Paul has for the Colossians and the other churches that he has no personal contact with is amounted to a great struggle.

Laodicea was the closest city to Colossae. It was only about 9 miles away. In less than 35 years; the Laodicean church goes from what seems like a quality church to one of the churches that John writes to in Revelation. The Laodicean church is the church John writes to because they have become lukewarm.

Paul’s struggle was in a sense – agony.

Have you ever struggled over anything in prayer? Really? Paul is an example that we can pray for people that we never met. In the community of faith, we join with those whom we do not know or have ever seen. We join with them through faith, hope, and love.

*Matt Chandler, Christians in India and Egypt, Our Compassion Child, Francis Chan

We can think, pray and be concerned for one another no matter how great the distance between us. We can have this joy, anticipation, expectation of knowing those whom we have prayed for, yet never met – we will meet in eternity.

V2 What was Paul praying for the church?

V3 Paul was concerned for their spiritual welfare; their sanctification journey. Why? False teachers were claiming that they held the secrets to the mysteries of God’s truth. Paul did not want them to be easily deceived. Paul did not pray for their health, happiness, money, fame, or well being. Their maturity as a disciple, the growth of their spirit was way more important.

Mark 8:36: Jesus said, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

We should be diligent to pray the same prayer for ourselves.

All understanding and knowledge is found in Christ.

When our knowledge grows to an understanding of the mystery of God – when we come to have a clearer, distinct, knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus; then the spirit prospers, grows, matures. We should struggle/labor/work toward our spirit reaching maturity.

*The riches of full assurance of understanding

Since you know the truth of the gospel, you can boldly acknowledge that you have a relationship with Christ and you live unashamed. Romans 1:16. You embrace the truth of the gospel – it is possible that there will be no doubt remaining in you. You believe the gospel not just in your mind but your whole being. When you are asked or confronted; you will make confession of the gospel and of your relationship with Christ. If you cannot publicly speak of Christ and His gospel, you cannot call yourself unashamed.

V4 Paul warns the Colossians about the direct, immediate, and dangerous threat in their midst. It is important to see that this threat comes from within the church and what the teachers are saying sound believable and persuasive.

We should heed the warning. This is why it is important to get off spiritual baby food. We must graduate from milk to solid food. We must learn how to self-feed. Through a stronger knowledge and understanding of the gospel; our spirit matures.

If we remain immature, neglecting our spiritual growth, then we do not truly value relationship with God and we do not know what we are to truly believe.



Discernment to know false teaching

V5 Community of faith