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Resonate means to resound. This is important later in the sermon.

Colossians 1:24-29


v24. Paul was a suffering preacher. He suffered for the cause of Christ and for the church. He rejoiced that he was worthy to suffer. We cannot wrap our minds around that because our pursuits lead us to life, liberty, and happiness. We spend our lives trying to avoid pain and suffering. If we are pursuing that which makes us comfortable – we are not pursuing Christ.

*Matt Chandler

Paul’s sufferings were not satisfactory for redemption from sin. Christ’s sufferings were perfect. Christ fully satisfied the wrath of God.

Paul is living out the assigned measure of suffering given to Him by God…And he does not complain. He rejoices. Paul does not seek pain and suffering but when it arises, he does not run from it. Paul’s suffering conforms him more to the image of Christ.

v25. Paul was called to be a preacher. God had favor on Paul. Paul understood that it is a high honor to be a preacher of the gospel. Paul uses every opportunity to share the gospel. That is who he is.

v26. The mystery of the gospel was hidden for thousands of years. Generation after generation did not understand. A saint, disciple, Christian under the gospel, understands more than the greatest prophet under the law. The mystery is God’s glory among the Gentiles. There are no more walls – the gospel is for all people.

v27. We now have the opportunity to become fellow heirs with Christ. Christ is the hope of glory. Our hope is grounded in the gospel revelation of Christ.

*Expectation, Anticipation

Everything in your life should point to Christ – character, personality, attitude, etc.

v28. Him we proclaim/make known/exalt

*Warning everyone/Teaching everyone – Paul went from church to church. Paul went from house to house. A lot of churches were in peoples’ homes.

*mature – milk to meat – studying deeper meanings in scripture/know why you believe what you say you believe/hunger and thirst after righteousness/desire a deeper walk with the Christ who saved you.

Become discipled then disciple. Be mentored then mentor. Be taught then teach.

v29. Toil – labor – work


It’s not a piece of cake. The Christian life is difficult. Dying to one’s self is not easy. Taking up your cross is not easy. Christ helps us accomplish these things.

We do not have urgency. We do not have angst. We do not trust God to work in us. We try to much to do it on our own.

God powerfully works in us.

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

They are sermon notes from the series in Colossians.