Sermon Notes From Colossians 2:6-15

Alive In Christ

FaithPoint Logo 1Your relationship with God is YOUR relationship with God.

*Sorry excuse for a friend – loser

We treat God the same way except we are the loser friend.

You are either real or real fake. Hot or cold. Alive or dead. Do you treat your relationship with God like your spirit is on life support?

You can see God working in other people’s lives, hear the gospel in a song, read your bible, listen to a sermon and nothing phases you.

You either are who you say you are – Christian/disciple/Christ follower or you are a liar.

v6. Therefore….see verses 1-5 I can say what I am about to say because of what I have already told you. All Christians have been called by Christ and received Him. Jesus is our Savior from sin, death, and wrath. Walk In Him. Christians are to make their thoughts, habits, actions, conversations, anything they engage in, their whole way of life, conform to the image of Christ.  There is no line or distinction between who you are and what you say. Daily walk with Christ – Daily have communion with Him.

v7. The more we walk with Christ, the more we are rooted or grounded in Him. The deeper we are rooted, the closer our walk with Him will be. Give thanks for the people who have taught you, helped you, and established you in the faith. Be thankful for growth, conviction, correction, teaching and rebuke. A sign of maturity is how quickly you repent after you have been convicted.

v8. Study the Bible – journal, take notes. Study Scripture. Study Doctrine. Study Theology. A study of the Word leads us to the knowledge of God. It confirms our faith in Him. Studying the Bible provides you with discernment to understand what is truth and what is false teaching. Those who put their faith in things or other people have been deceived into believing lies.

v9. The presence/fullness of God dwells no longer in a temple but in Christ. The One through whom we have salvation, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and will have glorification. Christ. The One whom we are crucified with. Christ. The One we take up our cross to follow. Christ. The One we serve by renouncing all things. That Christ. That Jesus. He is God.

v10. Renounce sin. Be reformed in your mind. Transformed. Romans 12:2

v11. Put off the old man. Put off the old self. Kill sin. Live by the Spirit. Romans 5:8

v12. Baptism

v13. All our sins have been forgiven.

v14. You are made new.