Review: Superman/Shazam The Return of Black Adam

This movie was sparking high hopes for me since Superman Doomsday was the best Superman animated film that I have seen. While the animation is good for the Superman/Shazam DVD, I believe that it leaves one disappointed and wanting more.

The biggest disappointment is that while I was expecting a full length animated film, I was left with a 20ish minute episode that could have been used during the old Superman animated series on TV or a “lost” episode of the Justice League. The Superman/Shazam short is followed my more short films of The Spectre, Jonah Hex, and Green Arrow. Green Arrow being the best one. All four films total just over an hour.

What does your 20+ minutes get you? Well, the movie opens with Black Adam coming back to Earth and causing chaos. Superman doesn’t look so super in this movie. Apparently, Superman can be effected by a wizard’s magic because that is how Black Adam gets his powers. Billy Batson is introduced and is immediately sought out by Black Adam because he has been marked by the wizard. During the scuffle with Superman, Billy is transported by magic on a subway train to the wizard. The wizard explains to Billy that Billy is pure of heart and bestows his powers upon Billy. Now, all Billy has to do is say “Shazam!” and he is transformed into Captain Marvel. The place where Billy meets the wizard falls apart and the wizard dies. That whole exchange takes place in less than three minutes. Billy is instantly transported back to the middle of the fight between Superman and Black Adam. After one mistake, Billy has his powers figured out. Really? Captain Marvel and Superman beat Black Adam and then the story slowly comes to an end.

The movie could have easily been longer to explain more. The exchange between Billy and the wizard should have been longer. If one is getting super powers to be a new hero to save the world; wouldn’t that conversation take a little longer than a few minutes? I am pretty sure that it took Spiderman, Superman, and all of the X-Men a lot longer than a couple of minutes to figure out their powers and for Black Adam to have the same powers as Captain Marvel; he was defeated pretty easily and all in less than 20 minutes. Yep. Stupid. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the horror for yourself.

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