Bad Business

A few weeks ago, my wife had gone into a local store to buy some scrubs for her job. When she got home, she realized that her scrub pants though the same size on the tag were not really the same size. She went back the next day to return the pants.

When my wife went back to the store, the manager was on the phone. Without going into great detail, this is a small summary of the situation. My wife was not acknowledged or welcomed. She went to the counter to explain her situation and the manager still refused to get off the phone. Some dialog took place and then the manager went to the back of the store to the merchandise closet and stayed there until my wife left. My wife asked for the manager’s name and the manager refused to give it to her. Experiences like this can make you want to never set foot in a store or restaurant ever again.

This got me thinking. My wife has been shopping at that store for about 8 years. That manager’s actions caused my wife to never want to shop there again. What about our churches?

How many people set foot in our churches and are never acknowledged or made to feel welcome? How many people visit but never return because no one goes out of their way to introduce themselves?

We as the Church should be the most friendly and hospitable people in the town. We should be warm and inviting. I am not saying that we have to invite every visitor over for a cup of coffee or take them out to lunch, but the environment of the church should not be intimidating or cold on their first visit.

The more welcoming and inviting we are, the more there is a chance that visitor may return. They may even become part of the church family, all because someone was friendly and inviting. When it comes to churches, first impressions are really important. What impression is your church making?

kristi proulx
kristi proulx

I really like how you made a positive example out of a very negative event. We should make it intential to speak to people we dont know instead of just talking crowding up in our little group at church.