15 Books For The Kindle

My lovely wife surprised me with a Kindle reader on Christmas day. It was funny because I had no idea. All I had received on Christmas day was clothes and deodorant and body wash. I assumed that she just wanted her husband to take a shower and dress better.

On Christmas night, we went to my mother-in-law’s house to open gifts. To my amazement, that is when she gave it to me. Apparently, I had one of those shocked, jaw-dropping looks on my face. (We cannot let that picture get out.)

The Kindle is a great gift for a book junkie (like me) who loves to spend time reading. I don’t read a lot of fiction or novels but I do like books that help me to think and provoke my spiritual growth. I also like comic books but I do not think the Kindle supports DC’s or Marvel’s digital comics.

I enjoy the fact that the Kindle supports a wide variety of eBook formats. So now I have books on my Kindle that I do not have to read on my computer anymore unless I want to.

Here are the 15 books on my Kindle that I will dive into this year:

  1. Brainwashed by Seth Godin
  2. The Grace of God by Andy Stanley
  3. Confessions by Augustine
  4. Knock-knock by Seth Godin
  5. A Hunger For God by John Piper
  6. ROAR by Alvin Reid
  7. Pastor Dad by Mark Driscoll
  8. In Christ Alone – Living the Gospel Centered Life by Sinclair Ferguson
  9. Stand – A Call for the Endurance of the Saints by John Piper
  10. What Matters Now by Seth Godin
  11. The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World by John Piper
  12. Sex and the Supremacy of Christ by John Piper
  13. Permission To Speak Freely by Anne Jackson
  14. God is the Gospel by John Piper
  15. Preaching and the Emerging Church by John Bohannon

Do you have a Kindle or another type of eBook reader? Do you enjoy reading books without an eReader? What books do you plan on reading in 2011? Hit up the comments.