Ninjas wear masks. Superheroes wear masks. Kids on Halloween wear masks. Why do Christians wear masks? Christians are great at playing the game of church. Some Christians believe that they can actually juggle their relationship with Christ and juggle their sin at the same time and keep both in balance. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

I do not understand why people would rather play fake then be authentic and real. Do people not understand that playing fake is the same as lying? How many people are lying at church every Sunday?

There is this idea in churches that when you go to church that everything has to be good and you have to be OK. Somewhere in church world, it became the norm for you to not let people know that you are struggling.

I am not saying that all your problems need to be broadcast during the announcements or in the bulletin or on the church’s website. However, you should have enough close friends that you can trust to pray for you. A close community like a small group should be able to lift your requests in prayer.

You do not have to hide behind the mask. You do not have to continue to play fake. You do not have to continue to lie.

You are not the only one with struggles. Thank God that he put people in the church to come alongside us when we are hurting and struggling. I love that I have real friends that I can talk to when I am hurting and struggling and I know that they are praying for me. That is the best type of friend.

Removing the mask is an act of humility. Removing the mask says that you cannot bear the weight of your burden alone. Removing the mask does say that you are ready to be real and you are asking for others to come alongside you through this part of your journey.

As a pastor friend often says, “It’s OK not to be OK.”

Take off the mask. Your effort to be authentic and real might just help somebody else to take off the mask and be real too.