Where Would You Be Without The Gospel?

FaithPoint Logo 1Only 1% of Christians make disciples. 1%. Not converts. Disciples. That means that 99% do not consider discipleship for themselves or others a priority.

Luke 10:25-37  There is a Levite, Priest, and a Samaritan.

I have often heard preachers preach that people are usually in the position of the Levite or Priest, but should put ourselves in the position of the Samaritan.

What if you put yourself in the victim’s position. What if you were in the position of the man that was beaten to the point of death? The Levite and the Priest passed the man by without really thinking about it. The man was probably just walking down the street with Starbucks in one hand, and his Blackberry in the other and got jumped and beat down. Latte spills over his clothes as he falls under the barrage of pounding from his attackers. Blackberry gone, wallet gone, all forms of identity gone. Beaten down and left to die on the street, he is passed by the Levite and the Priest who are more concerned with where they are headed then with the man’s condition.

What if you were judged the way you judge others?

What right do we have to pick and choose who we share the gospel with? Why not just be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit?

Where would you be if no one had ever shared the gospel with you? You would be on a one way train headed to hell.

There would be no conviction. Our hearts are inherently evil and deceitful and we would be following where our hearts led us. There would be no fighting sin because we would be a slave to it. We would be sinners with no hope.

If no had mercy and compassion on you, If no one felt a need of urgency for you,  If no church accepted you, If you never went to Sunday School, If you were never invited to a Bible study, If you never heard a sermon, If you never heard the gospel…where would you be? Where would the beaten man be if the Samaritan had never showed up?

Matthew 9:10-13  Jesus did not come for the well but for the sick. We all at one time were in such a state that we did not know we were sick. We did not know we were in need of the gospel.

Just because a person does not know they are sick or refuses to acknowledge that they are sick, does not remove their need for a doctor.

*I AM LEGEND illustration

While you are in the process of making disciples, converts will happen. Don’t focus on just making converts.

Luke 10:16

Go…and make disciples – of all nations.