Radical Abandonment

FaithPoint Logo 1Our church culture has become too comfortable with church. There are padded seats, air conditioning, carpet. We have made Jesus comfortable for us. We are trying to conform Jesus to our image instead of us being conformed to the image of Jesus. We have held on to grace and mercy and thrown conviction, repentance and the Great Commission out the window.

We should not minimize the Bible the way we minimize our own sin. Sin is very serious.  *Computer illustration

The Bible – If you do not have passion for God’s Word, you do not have passion for God. If you do not hunger and thirst for Scripture, you do not hunger and thirst for God. You CANNOT separate God and His Word. You CANNOT love God and not love His Word.

Luke 9:23-26, 57-62

Luke 14:25-33

We have got rid of discipline and we have lost self-control. Jesus is serious about killing sin.

Lust – gouge your eye out. Hand causes you to sin – cut it off.

We do not re-hash or discuss a sermon or even think about it once we the service is over and we have left church. We want to be friends with each other but we do not pray for each other’s spiritual condition.

Take up your cross. Take up your instrument of pain and torture, your instrument of death – your cross. That which is uncomfortable, that which causes pain, suffering, weeping, and carry it with you. Make it a part of you.

Jesus says that our love for him should be so great that it looks like we hate our family.

*child illus.

Jesus’ call to follow him demands total surrender.

Get rid of everything that interferes with your spiritual growth. Everything that keeps you from being fully devoted disciples of Christ.

Luke 12:16-21, 32-34 – *The American Dream

Christ does not make His commands optional. Christ commands obedience.

What is keeping me from total surrender to Christ? What is God telling you to trash, sell, or give away?

The way we use money is a huge indicator of our spiritual condition.

Jesus does not want to rob us of our pleasures but change what we find pleasure in.

Jesus wants us to seek the treasure that only He can give.

Jesus – Be our treasure.

Sherry Gonzalez
Sherry Gonzalez

Jimmy, I was right there with you on the comfortable part until you said air conditioning. Sorry!!!!

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

That's ok Sherry. I enjoy air conditioning too. I just believe that we have become way too comfortable in our lifestyles that we forget the kind of life that Jesus really called us to.