Radical Abandonment 2

FaithPoint Logo 1Mark 10:13-26

Some people need to be convicted of not being convicted. When you are a disciple, you are not a product of your environment.

When Christ calls you to radical abandonment, everything inside of you slams on the brakes – insecurity.

I have been crucified with Christ. Jesus lives in me. Everything I think I own actually belongs to Christ.

My life is a blank check – Jesus can do with me as he pleases.

Not my will Lord but your will. Not my will Creator of the Universe but your will. Not my will Redeemer of my soul but your will be done.

Put all your cards on the table. Jesus does not give us options to consider but commands to obey.

Trinkets for treasure. Short term treasure that you can’t keep for a long term treasure that you can’t lose.

ABC – enjoy life – and you have a free pass to treasure in Heaven. It can’t be done!

Luke 12:13-21, 32-34

Fear not