Tests Part 2

Tests do three things.


I believe that a lot of Christians have a false sense of humility. Being humble does not mean you have to be poor. God does not tell us that we have to live in poverty. However, he does not promise that we will live a Fortune 500 lifestyle either. Humility is a lifestyle that every disciple is called to lead. A disciple has to be humble to be effectively used by God. Humility IS realizing that you are fullydependent on God and you give up all control of your life to him and that you are open and obedient to God in all his ways.

1Peter 5:6-9

Thank God that you are not the only person struggling with what you are going through. Other disciples are struggling with exactly the same thing as what you are going through right now.


Tests pressure us sometimes to the breaking point. What comes out of you whenyou are pressured? What happens during your test tells a lot about you. Do you stress about your situation? Do you cry out for help? Do you throw your hands in the air and say whatever happens happens? Do you run to God or try to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction? What is your attitude like in the midst of your trial? Every test that comes into our life comes with a purpose.

A farmer had sold all he had to buy a peach orchard. He worked very hard growing this peach orchard. His orchard blossomed and was very beautiful and the peaches were juicy and delicious. Then a frost came and destroyed his entire crop. The farmer did not go to church the next Sunday or the next. So the pastor went to see him. The farmer said, “Pastor I am not going to church ever again. Do you think I can worship a God who cares so little about me that he lets a frost destroy all of my peaches?” The pastor replied, “God loves you more than your peaches. Besides, God is not in the business of growing peaches. God is in the business of growing disciples.”

James Griffeth
James Griffeth

i wish i could say tht more people in this world looked to God for answers when test came their way but it is very clear that people dont turn to God when they need to they would rather wait till they want to but if we as His children would look to God for answers and not our selfish and stupid selfs then this world would def. not be in the shape that it is in. but then again if we did every thing the rite way the first time then there would be no need for Jesus Christ in our lives plus this way it shows how impurfect and needy we r as human. We NEED Him and it only through Him do when be come justified. catch ya 2nite bro.