The Idiot’s Guide To Life

The Idiot’s Guide To Life

Proverbs 3:1-8

v1 Do not forget what I have told you or what I am going to tell you. Remember them so that you will have wisdom in every situation. Being governed by the rule of God leads us to full obedience.

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v2 Honor your Father and Mother….5th Commandment

Following what Solomon says is beneficial. No disappointments, No what ifs, No I wish, No regrets.

V3-4 Live beyond reproach. Be intentional. Stand by your decisions. Take responsibility for your actions. Success in God’s eyes is not always financial. It is obedience to Scripture.

V5-6 Trust in the Lord – With all your heart.

This is not intellectual. This is with all your heart – the core of your being.

Have a plan. To make straight a person’s path means to make the course of the person’s life one that continually progresses toward a goal. Ask God for Direction. Here it means moral quality of one’s life-moral straightness.

V7-8 Be not wise in your own eyes.