Go Fish


Isaiah 6:5-8

Evangelism is a spiritual discipline in a Christian’s life. It is for all believers, not just a chosen few. Christians are supposed to incorporate witnessing into their daily walk with Christ.

Acts 1:8

We make excuses for not witnessing. Witnessing is not God tying a cement block around our neck and throwing us off the Golden Gate Bridge. Evangelism is the main goal of the church; however, the church is full of people that think evangelism and being servants were meant for someone else. It is this attitude that has caused personal evangelism to die down. A recent study found that 95% of people that call themselves Christians in the United States have never won anyone to Christ. 95%!

The United States is the fourth country with the largest population of non-Christians. Only China, India, and Indonesia are in front! The Mission Field is now our own backyard! When Tom Cruise was asked why he was a scientologist, he said that it was because they were the only ones who talked to him. Somebody probably missed a witnessing opportunity.Witnessing is not a choice.

Luke 5:1-11

Jesus is walking along the shore. He looks out into the water and sees the men trying to catch fish. He tells them to go out into the deep and cast their nets. They are probably thinking, “Who are you? You are an unemployed carpenter. You can’t even get a job and you are out here trying to tell us how to fish?”

John chapter 21 says that Jesus told them to throw their nets on the right side. I can picture them getting frustrated, “We have been out here all night, casting nets on the left side and the right side. Which side is the right side? Besides that, you don’t catch fish in deep water you catch them closer to the bank when they come up to eat the smaller fish, that’s when you catch fish.” But they went out anyway. They threw their nets in the deep water and caught so many fish that their nets were on the verge of breaking.What does this tell us? Jesus wants us to get away from the shore. He wants away from our comfort zone and away from things that we depend on and use as crutches. He wants us in the deep water because deep water is uncertain.