Real-Life Discipleship: A Review

A heavy question looms over this book. Is your church making disciples who make disciples…who make disciples?

What happens to a church that drops the ball on making disciples? They end up having spiritually immature people that were not taught how to be disciples. These immature Christians become placed in positions where they are in some sort of leadership. Sunday School teachers, deacons, small group leaders, and the list goes on. Immature Christians make immature decisions.

Jim Putman does an incredible job of going through the discipleship process. Each milestone of the discipleship process is broken down and explained. The book explains that small groups is where a church grows their best disciples.

I was amazed the more I read this book. For the longest time, I have been telling people my ideas about discipleship. It was funny because I was describing to people what was in the book before I had even read the book.

Ultimately the goal of discipleship is helping a person advance in their sanctification process. The book starts with a person that was lost, comes in contact with the gospel and is drawn to Christ. From that point on, the new disciple is on the path to being conformed more to the image of Christ. The new disciple is like a child. They have to be fed and as they grow, they learn how to feed themselves. Later they become a spiritual young adult where they feel compassion for people and love being a part of mission projects. At this stage, they may or may not be comfortable sharing their story of what Christ has done in their lives. Finally they become a spiritual parent. They are disciples that make disciples that make disciples.

This is a fantastic book for anyone interested in making disciples or helping their church become better at it.

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