Christ Is Your Life

Colossians 3:3-4

Why do people not value the truth in Scripture? Is the pastor wasting his time?
People will go to work for 8 hours, sleep 6-7 hours, watch a football game for 3 hours, watch a movie for 2 hours, spend 2-3 hours playing video games or on facebook or watching TV and these same people will get mad if a preacher goes longer than 35-40 minutes in his sermon.

Jesus said in John 14:25-26 that the Holy Spirit is our helper. Why do you need a helper if you don’t need help? Maybe we are not helpless enough. We are too head strong. Too independent. Too self-sufficient. Too prideful.

You can’t help people that don’t want to be helped. You can’t teach those that don’t want to learn. You can’t lead those who refuse to follow.

Are you a casual observer or a hardcore follower? Are you a true, devoted disciple?

*observer – An observer is just that…an observer. They watch. They are a spectator. They do not participate. They enjoy the show and nothing changes about them or in them.

*follower – A follower imitates and learns from their teacher. They want to be like their teacher. A follower does what the teacher does. A follower lives their life in such a way that it is hard to separate the follower from the teacher.

The Bible says that a person’s physical life will be no more than 120 years. Moses wrote in Psalm 90 that time is from everlasting to everlasting. Time is not from when you are born till you die. Time existed long before you were born and time will continue after you die. The Bible also says that to God; a thousand years are as a day. Every minute that you take a breath is a blessing from God. If God allows you to live 70-80 years or beyond, that is a blessing.

Your life is a vapor. Don’t Waste Your Life.

The Bible and our culture have huge disagreements on the subjects of life and death.



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