A Review: The Gospel According To Jesus

This is a review for BookSneeze.com

The Gospel According To Jesus is written by Pastor Chris Seay. The book is very well written. I believe that Seay writes as if he was talking directly to the reader. It is very easy to read. I was reading chapter after chapter and not even realizing how much I had read and how quickly I had read it.

Seay presents an interesting problem that affects the church today. Why are there people who call themselves Christians but don’t act like Christ? I have been wondering that for a long time. How is it possible that a person’s soul has been saved by Christ and yet they refuse to live in a way that honors the Holy God whose image they were created in?

Is it possible that these same people do not have a complete picture of the gospel? Seay thinks so and after reading this book, I do too.

Some people think that the only thing that the gospel offers is salvation. People think that this is just a fire insurance policy and nothing else. They do not see or have never been presented the other side of the gospel. The gospel is also about redemption. God desires to reconcile all things.

We as Christians are not called just to salvation but also to holiness and obedience. That includes loving the unlovable, unkind, unwanted, and different. That’s what Jesus would do.

This book will change how you view your own sanctification process and hopefully shine a clearer light on the whole picture of the gospel.

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