11 Things I Learned From Preaching Class

Principles In Preaching was one of my favorite classes. I looked forward to listening to the lectures. My professor was a good communicator. Here are 11 things I learned in that class:

  1. When preaching or teaching – you are speaking for God. You are communicating God’s Word.
  2. The majority 75% of time should be spent in sermon preparation. Not sure this is always the case but is worth trying to make this a goal.
  3. Be yourself – Do not become someone else. You are not Ed Young, Francis Chan, John Piper, or Billy Graham.
  4. You are a wordsmith – Use words that are appropriate for your audience.
  5. Always keep the Big Picture in mind. Andy Stanley calls this “The One Thing.” In other words, everything in the sermon should point to the overall one thing you are trying to communicate.
  6. Application is important. That is self-explanatory.
  7. Take the titles seriously – Use titles that draw attention to the message.
  8. Introduction and Conclusions are the bookends of the sermon.
  9. Become a professional transitioner.
  10. Use personal as well as biblical illustrations. They sometimes get the point across more than a joke or a fictional illustration.
  11. The preacher and the sermon should both be relevant to the audience. Context is everything.