Safe Eyes – A Review

There is a lot of crap on the Internet that I do not desire to come into my home. For the past two years I have been using Safe Eyes on my computer. Safe Eyes is an internet filter that I would recommend to anyone that is in need of a way to help keep internet trash out of their home.

Safe Eyes is fairly easy to use. It does a great job at blocking pictures, words, videos, websites that are inappropriate or even down right vulgar.

Safe Eyes will send you a weekly report of all the internet activity that has taken place via your computer. It will tell you the times of day that the internet was most used and it will give you any words that were typed into any search engine. Safe Eyes will even flag questionable items for you to review and see who the person was that was logged on at that time.

Safe Eyes allows you the ability to set time limits on the internet and will not allow users on during the marked hours that you set for no internet access. I like the fact that Safe Eyes will also block peer to peer file sharing from such sites such as Bearshare and Limewire.

Safe Eyes even has the capability to send that same report to your spouse or even your accountability partner. It is a great tool for keeping internet trash out of your home.

It is well worth the money. It is $49.95 a year and that enables you to install Safe Eyes on three computers. They now have a service for your smart phone also. Safe Eyes is the best internet filter I have used to date.

You can download Safe Eyes here.

Do you use accountability software? Have you tried Safe Eyes? Hit up the comments.