Pastor Dad – A Review

I am a big believer that the Bible clearly states that the man is the spiritual leader in the home. Mark Driscoll does a good job explaining what the Bible says about how dads are to lead and guide their children in the home.

God will hold the man of the home accountable for how he did or did not push his family to be more like Christ. A man should desire for his children to come to salvation and upon that moment begin leading them in their sanctification journey.

A man should also desire that his children find community in the local church.  I do not want my boys to grow up hating the church. I want them to be surrounded by people that will love him and will push them to be more like Christ.

I want my boys to have a boring testimony. I want them to have a radical, life changing relationship with Christ. However, I do not want them to have to go to the edge of hell and back. You can read more on that from this post by Steven Furtick.

I want to also be responsible for what my boys are taught. Pastor Dad helped me realize that I can help decide what I want them to learn. For example, if a daycare or elementary school is not teaching them things that I agree with or go against Biblical principles, I do not have to let them sit through that garbage.

I also want to be the primary source of Scripture input into my boys’ life as long as they are in my house and even when they are able to read the Bible themselves. I do not want all of their experience coming from books, VBS, Children’s Church or Awana. Not that those things are bad…but they cannot adequately be solely responsible for communicating Scripture to my children.

I would definitely recommend this book to any dad or man that wants to be a dad. You can download the book for free here.