Jumping Into The Deep End

Have you ever been around someone at church that says they are dissatisfied with the sermons because the preacher is not deep enough for them?

This kind of thinking is crazy. Apparently, these people think that if the preacher uses a lot of Greek and Hebrew terms, big (hard to pronounce) theological words or just confuses them, that is supposedly going deep.

Going deep is not about those things. Going deep is about being obedient. The more intimate your relationship with Christ, the more obedient you are by living out Scripture, the “deeper” you become. The overall goal of discipleship is not how deep or not you are but whether or not you are consistent in your conforming more to the image of Christ.

What would it look like if everyone in our churches became fully devoted disciples of Christ? If the church was intentional on making disciples, growing as a disciple should not be optional. Jesus makes it clear that we are either a disciple or we are not. He doesn’t make it an option. From small groups to weekend sermons, discipleship should be intentional. If discipleship was intentional there is a high possibility that the church would retain more members than they lost. The percentage of people leaving could be reduced.

The Scriptures should be embedded into every area of our lives. If the church was diligent in renewing their minds, and hiding God’s Word in their heart, radical change in individual lives would become more apparent.

I am a big believer that the pastor should be in the community more than he is in an office 30 -40 hours a week. The pastor could have a mobile office. For the pastor to become known in the community, why not work on sermons or blog from different locations – the library, Starbucks, Atlanta Bread Company, McDonald’s etc….If the pastor and the church is in the community intentionally building relationships, they have more opportunities to share the gospel.

I don’t mind going deep. I don’t mind reading systematic theology books or doctrine books. I don’t mind learning big words or what the Greek and Hebrew definition is. However, I am not for going deep when all one wants from going deep is knowledge. I don’t want to go deep if it means sacrificing my relationship with Christ. I hope the people in our churches feel the same.

This blog is my thoughts on an article that I read in a past issue of REV! magazine.

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