I sat and thought hard about this post for a while. The question still lurks in my mind. What do I hope to accomplish from having people read this blog?

I want to be intentional. This blog is not designed to make lots of money. I am not worried about how many people RSS subscribe or subscribe by email or follow through Feedburner. If one person comes to know Christ or becomes more of a passionate disciple because of something they saw or read on this blog, then the blog has served its purpose. That is what this is all about. My life as a disciple is to teach other people how to be disciples and help to equip them to go and make disciples. That makes me excited.

I hope that the posts and videos make people think or engage in culture and conversation. I hope someone becomes a better husband. I hope another man becomes a better dad. I hope everyone becomes more of a disciple that is passionate in their pursuit to become more conformed to the image of Christ.

Right now, I have plans to experiment with e-Books from posts in a series. I also plan on taking other posts and binding them in a book format and giving them to my son when he is older. I want him to have ways of remembering me and also read things that hopefully will push him to be more like Christ.

I can’t be the Holy Spirit. I can’t save anyone. However, I can be intentional in providing things to read, relationships to create, and just providing situations that God can use to draw people into His kingdom.

How about you? How are you being intentional? I would enjoy reading what you have to say. I look forward to your comments.

Alex Wang
Alex Wang

I want to be intentional as well, but does it mean that we have to be humble and broke to truly serve God. Does the desire of being successful hinder or passion for the lord? Does it mean that those who are poor love God more because they have less that those that are not?