We are a society bent on the act of consuming. We like to eat more than we need, buy more than we will use, control more of what little we think we already have control over. (More on that another time.)

I will admit that my high school days were during the Super-size craze of bigger fries and bigger sodas. I like big pieces of cake, especially if it is chocolate. I like All You Can Eat BBQ Ribs. I like large cups of coffee. I like more than one donut and more than four chicken fingers. I like bread, I like Venti sized drinks of names I cannot spell and the only dessert that I eat between October and January is Pumpkin Pie.

Problem…I am overweight. I do not do well at portion control. I believe that I struggle with gluttony. Gluttony is a sin. One is never satisfied with what they have and constantly wants more.

I will admit that gluttony is my elephant in the room. It is my unspoken “problem.” I am great at saying I want to lose weight and eat better and then doing nothing about it….Until now.

Perry Noble recently wrote a blog post on how being overweight is a spiritual issue. You can read his post here.

I cannot be the husband, dad, pastor that I need to be if I am constantly overweight and tired. I am called to be more like Christ…not like the world.

I have a lack of discipline in this area. I refuse to let my being overweight define me as a person. My identity is found in Christ. I will beat my flesh into submission…UFC style. I desire to live by the Spirit and not gratify any selfish desires that would lead me anywhere other than where God is leading me.

This is going to take time and effort. This is going to take a renewing of my mind and a lot of discipline. It’s time to get serious.

I’ll keep you updated with my progression.

What do you struggle with? How do you plan on dealing with it? Got questions, suggestions? Hit up the comments.