Busy Or Just Distracted?

Have you ever noticed how many people use the word busy as an excuse for willingly allowing themselves to be distracted? Spending three hours in front of a Playstation or Facebook is not busy. I would also venture to say that the word busy is used in place of telling people the truth.

If somebody invites a friend to go grab lunch or a coffee and that person does not want to go; they will say they are busy. In reality, this is lying. Why can’t people just tell the truth? Maybe it is because the other person does not want to look shallow. I mean really…telling somebody you are busy sounds a lot better than saying, “I would rather waste the next three hours of my life playing Farmville.”

If people are as busy as they say they are, why does it seem that they still accomplish nothing? Be honest. Tell somebody that you would rather sit in front of your laptop and watch YouTube videos so long that you forget to eat and fall asleep in your chair.

The word busy is being used in place of telling somebody that you want to be willfully distracted. In other words, busy is used to tell somebody that you would rather waste time.

The Bible tells us to redeem the time. Trade your time for something of value. You can be busy redeeming your time. You can be busy mentoring and discipling someone. You can be busy journaling and reading your Bible. You can be busy by spending time with your family. You can be busy reading, studying, growing spiritually and mentally.

Be honest with people. Don’t lie and use the word busy when you are really just wasting time. I think all of us have been guilty of this in the past. Let’s change how we interact with people and become more intentional on redeeming our time.

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James Griffeth
James Griffeth

totally rite. i always though i was too busy to do stuff but now i look back on my life and i realize though i was just really really selfish with my time. kinda like wht i told susan jackson life was alot easier when i tried to control things but it is alot more fulfilling having the person who made my life have control over it. know wht i mean?