Conduct Yourselves Wisely

Colossians 4:2-6

Pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:17

You can pray too little but you can never pray too much. Do not be distracted from prayer by unimportant things that desire to draw your attention away from prayer. Take hold of every opportunity that presents itself for prayer.

Jesus is our example for praying.

  • The Lord’s prayer
  • The prayer in the garden
Pray with Thanksgiving. Give thanks for every miracle and blessing and every good thing that God has given you.
Pray for your pastors. You are not aware of their struggles – mental, emotional, spiritual. Pray that the gospel is always of first importance to them and on their lips when they preach. Pray that they communicate Scripture clearly and that their lives are constantly being transformed to look more like Christ.
Use wisdom when dealing with the lost. Paul calls these people outsiders. *Redeem your time – Exchange your time for something of equal value and importance.
Grace – When you talk – as a disciple – you should seek to have your words be like the words of Christ. Because you are conforming to the image of Jesus, your words also should be conforming to be like the words of Jesus.
Salt – As a seasoning salt brings out more of the flavor of food in the pan. As a preservative, salt helps the food to last longer and keeps it from rotting.