Great American Easy Gourmet Review

This cookbook is fairly easy to understand and the recipes are not overly complicated. I have enjoyed every dish that I have made from this book. My wife enjoyed the Strawberry Soup. It is a cold soup. That was my first experience with a cold soup. If it was a little bit thicker, I could have poured it into a glass and made it a smoothie. I enjoyed making the Penne with Sausage and Eggplant.

I am glad the recipes in the book are easy to understand because I have no idea what they are supposed to look like. There are hardly any pictures in this book. I am guessing the lack of pictures helps to keep the overall price of the book down. I would have been more than happy to pay a few more dollars for pictures of the recipes so that I know what the dish is supposed to look like when it is finished.

The lack of pictures is my only issue with the book. Other than that, it is a great book to buy and learn new dishes. There are no secret tips or tricks. This is just a book of compiled recipes. If you are looking for dishes that do not take a lot of time and are easy to prepare, I recommend this book.

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