When Editing Kills The Writer

I enjoy reading blogs about writing, blogging and journaling. Doing so has resulted in new ideas and learning things that I would not have learned had I not read.  I like the idea of guest posts on a blog. That might mean that I get to write for somebody else or somebody gets to write for me. Guest posting allows a new voice and a fresh perspective on your blog. This gives your readers something different every once in a while. I have no problem with that.

What does bother me is the person that edits the guest post to the point that they kill the writer. What? What do you mean? Let me explain.

I am all for good editing. Checking for misspelled words and proper punctuation usage is making sure the post looks good and well written. However, there is such a thing as editing overkill.

Editing overkill happens when the person doing the editing starts to change the blog post itself. Rewording the post, changing words, making the post say things that it did not originally say…these things can kill the voice and personality of the author that wrote the post.

The idea of editing is not to erase the voice and personality of the author. The reason you even had them write a guest post for you is because you were looking for a fresh voice for your blog or article. You did not write the post. Why do you need to change something that was not your idea and never belonged to you in the first place?

When someone writes for me, I do like to read it but I will not change anything because I want that post to retain the personality and voice of the person that wrote it.

Keep reading. Keep writing.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Hit up the comments.