A New Beginning

Acts 1

Luke’s first book was the Book of Luke. Theophilus is a Greek name that means lover of God. In Luke, Theophilus has a title, most excellent. This is a term of respect usually reserved for those of high position or for those with much wealth. It is highly likely that Theophilus was both a high ranking government official as well as wealthy.

Luke is from Antioch. He has a Gentile name. He is a doctor by trade. Luke is also a historian. He digs for truth. He likes details. Luke likes details so much that in the Book of Luke, there are 41 accounts of Jesus that are not in any other gospel.

Because Luke is so detailed in his writing, the Book of Luke is a detailed account of the life of Jesus. Acts is a detailed account of the beginning and mission of the church.

vs. 2 Luke is referencing how he ended the Book of Luke in chapter 24. Jesus hand chose his disciples. The Holy Spirit aided the disciples in their understanding of Jesus’ teaching.

vs. 3 Acts is the only book that says how long Jesus stayed on the Earth after his resurrection, 40 days. Jesus focus was more intentional. Jesus spent much time with the disciples. I believe there was more teaching, training, mentoring, discipling…why? Because Jesus knew that the beginning of the church was in the hands of these 11 men.

vs. 4 Jesus is wrapping up his teaching and preparing for his ascension into Heaven. Jesus is also prepping the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit. John 16:7-8, 13

vs. 6 Kingdom – The disciples thought that Jesus was going to throw down the gauntlet. They were ready to see a war where the Messiah was going to lead an assault on Rome and free Israel from Roman oppression.

vs. 7 All authority to determining the events of history is ascribed to God. This makes sense because God created history. The church has no need to pay attention to doomsday preachers, the Mayan calendar, Harold Camping or any other moron who thinks they can mathematically predict the end of the world or when Jesus is going to return. God and only God knows when Jesus will return.

We have too many other things that God wants to accomplish through his disciples. We are to love God and love others. We are to make disciples. We are to build Jesus’ church. Luke 24:44-47

The gospel is not the gospel without repentance and the forgiveness of sins.