Tent Of Meeting

What constitutes a church building? After reading about Pastor Jean St. Cyr in Haiti, I have thought a little more about this. After the earthquake in Haiti, Pastor Cyr’s church building was reduced to dust. Now he has planted a new church with new members in Haiti and they meet in a tent. There is no carpet. There is no air conditioning. There are no water fountains…just a tent. There are no pianos, no organs, just a generator that powers a few speakers and a microphone. The tent provides adequate shelter from heat and rain. Even without modern conveniences, the people meet in the tent for one purpose…To get more of Jesus.

The Bible says that a group of believers is a church. A church is not a building. A church building then can be any place that the church gathers. A house, a renovated building such as a grocery store, a coffee shop, a warehouse, a strip mall, or in Pastor Cyr’s case, a tent.

The place of gathering is not as important as the gathering. The church needs a place that is not intimidating and people of all ages, races, backgrounds, and cultures can be made to feel welcomed.

I have never met Pastor  Cyr.  However, he has concreted in me something that I had believed for a long time. All a church needs is Jesus. Just Jesus. A preacher who’s spirit is set on fire by Christ will be compelled to preach Christ in whatever venue or arena and he will preach unashamedly. You can’t shut down a preacher who has been set on fire from Almighty God. You cannot keep him from proclaiming the gospel. The preacher that is unashamed does not care what people say or think. He will preach given the opportunity and he will preach wherever the church meets. Even if it is just a tent.

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