Visioneering – A Review

Visioneering is a great book on accomplishing the vision that God has given you for your life. Visioneering is written by Andy Stanley. In this book, Andy walks through the book of Nehemiah and pulls principles and application from it for our lives.

Some people will dream great dreams and never pursue or chase after them. They will be just dreams. Other people will begin to pursue their vision and realize half way in that it is difficult and hard work. These people will give up and toss in the towel. The people that, like Nehemiah, are visioneers, pursue the vision God has given them to accomplish and they work hard at it no matter how difficult.

When God gives you a vision and you step out on faith and begin to pursue that which God puts in your heart, you will face opposition. Nehemiah did, Noah did, John the Baptizer did, Jesus did. Why should you be any different? Do not be surprised. Opposition is going to happen.

People will criticize you. People will make fun of you. People will lie about you. To them, what you are doing is not normal. It’s ok. Don’t expect them to understand. Just continue doing what God has called you to do. When this happened to Nehemiah, he said, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” Nehemiah knew that what he was doing was important. He also knew that God would ultimately get the honor and glory from it. God has called you to a work that he wants to use you to accomplish. You do not have time to be distracted.

I love the closing of the book.

“Pay the price. Embrace the vision. After all, everybody ends up somewhere in life. You have the opportunity to end up somewhere on purpose.”

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