Journaling For Real

I really enjoy blogging. However, there are some areas of my life that the whole world does not really need to know about. Let’s be real. My aim on this blog is to be authentic within reason. There are some things about my family, myself, my church, my friends, etc. that I am not willing to share with anyone. Those are for private prayers and private thoughts.

This is where my journal comes in. The journal is my way of expressing things that I would not share on my blog. In a journal I can pray, vent, rant, or write thoughts down on a piece of paper to better free my mind up to think on other things.

The problem that I have had recently is that I have not disciplined myself to journal. I have been writing a lot of blog posts and using the blog as an excuse not to journal. Is this a problem? For me….yes. This is why.

A journal is my release mechanism. It is my way of relieving stress or getting thoughts on paper so that I will not forget them. When I don’t journal, my mind is full of all kinds of thoughts. Some that I need to give attention to and some that have been pent up in there for awhile. I do not write stories nor do I write in my journal as though I ever intend for my journal to be published. I write the way I need to write to communicate in my journal exactly what is going on in my life at that time.

Journaling for me should become more of a discipline. I know many people that use journaling as a discipline. I do not have much of an excuse as to why I have not journaled in awhile except for the fact that I let other menial stuff get in the way. I have time. I have a place. I also can write for an hour or more if I need to. The main thing is that I just need to stop making excuses and do it.

What about you? What is there in your life that you have postponed for awhile and you need to stop making excuses and just do it? Hit up the comments.