Walking With God

A couple years ago I had the privilege of taking college students to Collegiate Week at Ridgecrest. This is a conference for college students that gives them sound biblical teaching and instruction for life application to use immediately and for later in life.

I was looking through a journal and came across some notes that I took through one of those sermons. It is amazing that what I wrote down two years ago still resonates with me today. Here are my notes.


We do not want to be shallow people. We do want a deep relationship with God. We want a deeper relationship more than just an intellectual relationship with God. There is a difference between knowing about something and knowing something.  *Experience


Micah 6:8

Enoch walked with God. (Genesis 5:21-24) Enoch didn’t just live…he walked. What does it mean to walk with God? In his walk, Enoch pleased God (Hebrews 11) In our walk, we journey, there is forward motion. Every walk has a destination. Heaven has unbroken intimacy with God. Jesus is our destination.

Being consumed with the walk so much that it does not matter where we are going. The destination – Jesus is right beside you.

Grow. Go Deep. WALK.

God wants us to walk with Him. God wants the walk to permeate us.

This sermon was preached at Collegiate Week in Ridgecrest by Michael Kelley.