My City

I am deeply inspired by gospel rapper Thisl and his heart for the rebuilding of his city St. Louis. I believe that his overall view for rebuilding the city is by sharing Christ with men and boys. This makes sense. Building men will build strong families. Strong families will help to build strong churches and strong cities.

I live in Middle Georgia. To be specific, I live in Byron, GA. I am in the middle of two fairly decent sized cities, Warner Robins and Macon. Warner Robins is my hometown and Macon, I frequently visit on a weekly basis. I understand and know in my heart to turn these cities around, the local church must be very active. We have to make disciples that make disciples. We must live with Scripture so deeply embedded within us that we will not turn from it to the left or the right.

The system is broken. The system continues to feed the problem instead of providing solutions. The problem with the system is that while you may pass laws to mandate a certain type of behavior, you cannot force people to change and abide by those rules. The character and conduct of a person goes way deeper than people may want to realize.

People want to cheat the system. People know how to play the system. The system knows this and still does not change. If you continue to only address the surface issues, you will never get to the root of the issue.

There is an organization in my area called Rebuild Macon. They do good work. However, the actual work of “rebuilding” is more than even they can handle. It is time for local churches to step it up and make disciples. We have to get the gospel to these people. God can change people and use people to change cities.

Jeremiah 17 says that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick. Knowing this, we know that we can not fix the problems alone. Only God and God alone can fix the true problem and that is changing the hearts of men, women and children. It is our job to take the gospel to them.