Notes for FaithPoint

These are sermon notes from Acts 2:14-24.

Peter stands up and begins to preach. He addresses the concern of the crowd. These people are not drunk with wine but they are filled with the Holy Spirit. I pray that our church would become intoxicated with the Holy Spirit.

Peter’s sermon comes from Joel chapter 2. The last days that Peter refers to started at Pentecost and will continue until the return of Jesus.

In verse 21, Peter’s application for the use of the word Lord is Jesus. Peter gives the hearers the gospel and then he gives them the reason for the gospel. Because of the gospel when your life is radically changed by Christ, we avoid the wrath of God and we get to walk in Christ and by bearing good fruit we are conforming daily to the image of Jesus.

verse 23 – Peter tells the crowd that it is they who crucified Jesus. We all because of our sin had a part in crucifying Jesus.

Still though today through words, actions, thoughts, we deny that God is who he says he is and that he will do that which he has promised us that he would do.

*Pride wants to knock God out of first place. Self wants to take that place. *We doubt that God is able to come through in our darkest of hours and capable of bringing us through the storm. We must know that God is able. *Lust attributes value and worth to someone or something that in that moment we treasure more than God himself.

Romans 1 says that the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.

The gospel is also for sanctification. Every day we need to live as Christ would have us live. We need grace and mercy daily.

Jeremiah 17 – The heart is deceitful and desperately sick.

Everyday that you have breath, you are on God’s mission.

Acts 1:8 The Greek word for witnesses is martyr.

The NT martyr not only personally testified to the truth and power of Jesus Christ, but was also instructed (commissioned) to take that witness to others, regardless of the cost.

James 4:17