Four Hour Body – Update 1

I am currently reading the book Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. You can watch the book trailer here.

As of writing this post, I am almost finished with my eighth week of the Four Hour Body plan. I extremely enjoy it. I thought at first that it would be difficult but now it is such a part of my daily routine that I have realized it was a little easier to implement than I first thought.

I enjoy getting to eat all different kinds of proteins. I especially like chicken, steak, and pork chops. I like the fact also that vegetables and salads are unlimited on this plan. I thought that I would miss things like bread and processed foods and refined sugars but the truth is, I have done fine without them.

The only issue I have so far is cheat day. Ferriss says in his book that he “binge eats” on cheat day consuming between 5000 and 6000 calories on that one day. I have not yet been able to even come close because I cannot wrap my mind around the thought that eating that many calories in one day is something that is ok.

I have so far lost around 12 inches. I have been measured every week since I started this plan. Not pounds…inches. I have noticed the change and am now able to be wearing some clothes that I have not worn in a couple years.

The main reason I decided to try the Four Hour Body plan is because I am hoping to have my doctor take me off of blood pressure medicine before my 37th birthday. I have been on blood pressure so long, the scary thing is I am not sure how long because I can’t remember when I started.

I believe that I will accomplish this goal. I am learning that by eating cleaner, my body does not crave the foods that it once did. Eating cleaner also has made me realize that when I eat food that is not as good for you, it makes me feels sick. In fact, the other night I ate Chinese food and felt a little nauseous after eating an egg roll. I do not crave bread or potatoes and those were my “drugs” of choice. They were my go-to foods and now I only eat them on cheat day if I eat them at all. The funny thing is, I am fine with it.

I will continue to post updates as my deadline draws nearer and nearer.

Have you decided to make any changes to improve your quality of life?