Four Hour Body – Update 2

I have only one issue with the Four Hour Body Plan.   Cheat Day.

I like cheat day honestly, I just don’t think my body likes me to like cheat day. I have been finding out that the cleaner I eat, the better I feel and the more I do not seem to miss the foods I used to eat often. Eating clean means that your body gets adjusted to eating clean. On cheat days I have tried to enjoy foods that I used to want and sometimes crave. Lately, I have become slightly nauseous when I have eaten egg rolls, a bear claw, pancakes and maple syrup. I do not enjoy processed foods as much. I crave steak, chicken, ribs and broccoli. I do not crave chips or bread. A few months ago, I ate bread at a restaurant such as Logan’s or Outback like candy.

I am very excited as I went to the doctor’s office yesterday for my yearly checkup. The best news is that I am on the way to getting off of blood pressure medicine. The Four Hour Body book has been very easy to implement. I have implemented what I find useful and I am not even half way through the book yet.

It is possible that I will be at my goal size by October. I am ready to do this and hopefully inspire others to do the same. So far, exercise has been minimal. I do need to implement some sort of stretching exercises because right now I am about as flexible as a brick.

I will say that I have never eaten so many vegetables in my life. The Four Hour Body Book says that vegetables are unlimited. Most carbs except for cheat day carbs, come from slow burning carbs like sweet potatoes and other veg. Chicken, eggs, and steak have been my main source of protein. What’s not to like?

I hope these posts on the Four Hour Body Book inspire change in you.

Now to get to the rest of that book.