The title for this post comes from the song of the same name by Lecrae.

Romans 6:1-18 – Do not abuse grace.

1 Corinthians 15:12-34

Stop living as if Christ has not risen from the dead.

Conform to Christ or conform to culture. If you are not seeking to glorify God, you are seeking to glorify yourself.

God desires for us to find all pleasure and satisfaction in Him.

Thoughts – Phil. 4:8

We ask all the wrong questions.

The question is: Since your heart is so evil – Why hasn’t God sent you to hell? God has you here so that you may accomplish his purposes.

We believe in the gospel enough for salvation. Why do we not believe in the gospel for life? The gospel is sufficient for sanctification.

If you believe Jesus raised from the dead; Why don’t you live like it? You are no longer a slave to sin. Colossians 3 says, “As you have received Christ, so walk in him.” Christ has already resurrected from the dead. Why then do we as the church still walk as if we are still dead. If you are in Christ, your life has been resurrected. You are now what God calls a Saint.

Our culture believes in a god but not necessarily the God of the Bible. They want a god of love and peace, not a God of holiness and wrath. Our culture wants a god that will love them and overlook their sin. They can go to this god when they want something using him as if he is some genie in a lamp. They want him to give them what they want as long as he turns from their lust, pride, anger, selfishness, immorality, and a host of other things that they seek to feed their deceitful hearts.

Christ calls us to rebel against our culture. We are to influence culture not be influenced by it. What the world calls normal is not what God calls normal. The Bible is what God calls normal. Living by the Bible….living like Jesus is what the culture and some in the church would call radical.

Be radically different. Rebel. Rebel against the normalcy of this culture and society and embrace the radical life that Jesus calls every disciple to live out.