Notes For FaithPoint

faithpoint wallpaper 4The original title of this message is Spirit Empowered Courage

Acts 4:1-22

vs. 1 The Sadducees did not believe in resurrection of the dead, angels, demons, or the Holy Spirit.

vs. 2 greatly annoyed – When is the last time your faith, your relationship with Jesus annoyed anybody? When is the last time your faith was so radical it made other people uncomfortable? When is the last time you truly believed the Bible is truly the Word of truth? Change freaks people out.

vs. 3 Peter and John were held overnight – detained until the court reconvened in the morning.

vs. 4 The church is close to 10,000 people in number. The Holy Spirit has set up house and he is not leaving anytime soon.

vs. 5 Court is now in session. Peter and John are standing with the healed man in front of the Temple Mafia.

vs. 6 High Priest is a title like President. The title is kept until death. Caiaphas is now the ruling high priest. He oversaw the “trial” of Jesus.

vs. 7 Questioning the apostles authority. What is the source of their preaching?

vs. 8 The Holy Spirit empowers Peter. Peter has boldness and courage because Peter’s confidence is in Jesus. Peter is not wanting to make his name great. Peter wants to make the name of Jesus great.

vs. 9-10 Jesus healed the man not Peter and John. The name of Jesus.

vs. 11 The stone you rejected – Jesus

vs. 12 salvation is only found in Jesus.

vs. 13 There is a difference between a man that is educated only and a man that is called by God.

vs. 14 They can’t dispute Peter

vs. 15-18 The court’s “brilliant idea.”

vs. 19-22 It is ok to rebel against authority when worldly authority makes laws or recommendations that goes against the authority of God.

We cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.

The Temple Mafia could find no way to punish them.

John 8:32 and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.