Paul says in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

As of late, my world has been rocked. I have been kicked in the teeth several times in the last few weeks. I am reading Radical by David Platt and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I am confronted with my own selfishness and what God has designed for the life of every Christian and how that is supposed to fold out in my own life. I have been listening to podcasts by Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble, and Steven Furtick. Again….

What do you do with that?

You are brought to a decision when confronted with the truth of the Bible. I, like most people have been raised in a society and culture that pushes the American Dream. The American dream is not God’s dream. In the Bible, Acts 4 to be exact, the church graciously and joyfully gives their stuff to the church so that no one in the church has need. The American dream is about you and the money that you make and the house that you live in and the stuff that you can get. God’s dream is about sacrificial giving. The American dream is about accumulation. The saying, “He who dies with the most toys wins” does not fit anywhere in biblical context.

The book of James says that our life is a vapor. We are here for a moment and then we are gone. Reevaluate life. Is what we prioritize and place value and importance on really that important?

I want my life to fit into Scripture. I want to be used by God as a potter shapes the clay. Whatever that looks like. Whatever the cost. I want God to use my life as an instrument to accomplish his purposes.

I refuse to be defined by the American dream. As a Christian, our identity is found in Christ. This must resonate deep within us.

The American dream does not call for a living sacrifice. The gospel does.

Be unashamed to live out the gospel. Romans 1:16

Think about it. Ask God how he can use you to accomplish his purposes.


I think the most wonderful thing I have learned being a Christian, is that no matter what comes in life  there will be falls and dusting ones self off and allowing yourself to learn what the Lord is doing for us. In American there is so much of the ideas of living according to what you neighbor does or has that a good many who call them selves Christians think they still have to keep up with the Jones'/ How big a car or house etc.  We have missed the mark by a long shot.  We feel we must compete with others. That is not what God has said for us to do.  So many now walk around and rejoice in what the own or earn that they forget to rejoice in Thanksgiving to God who if it wasn't for him we would not have anything.  God created us to love  him. That is what we were created to do. To walk with him in the cool of the evening. But because of the fall of mankind. We have set our goals on how much we are to learn or get. We base self esteem own who we know or do not know.How much we make or do not make. We forget that everything we have is because God has allowed us to have it our lives.  God provides all we need and more. If we misuse what he has given to us it can and will be taken away.  If we live in vain for all increase. Then as the vapor we become and we are passed from this world God allowed it .  Everything we are is because God has made us.  WE continue to learn if we fall or get kicked down the Lord Jesus Picks us up and carries until we can walk again. And at times it seems to never end.  As being refined as silver we go through the fire and the unpureAs are skimmed off the top and then it is formed into the beautiful work that God means us to be. As a artist I have learned as I am doing a picture that it is never finished until I say it is finished. I can work on a few hours or a few weeks. keep getting back up and continuing on.  As a potter God can take the most shattered pieces of our lives and formed them into the most wonderful works of art that has ever been.  He will work the clay until it looks just like Him. Keep up the good work of the Lord Jimmy for you are speaking the truth of God's Word. Sometimes we just need to shout it out and CLAP CLAP CLAP TO THE LORD. Also remember the Lord said Rejoice and I say Rejoice.  We are to rejoice in all things good or bad. The Lord leads us where he wants us to go we just have to choose to follow.

Rev. David Betts
Rev. David Betts

ok so I told you what comes about when you start thinking... see it's now in print... WOW or POW