Letter to FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1Dear FaithPoint,

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As your pastor, there are things on my heart that I just need to let you know. These thoughts have been aching to get out for awhile. I am calling out to our church to be a church of prayer.

  • I don’t want us to be a church that is like any other church. I don’t want to put on a good show and we never touch people’s lives with the gospel. I don’t want us to be satisfied with the mundane or the status quo. I want us to always be on the edge of uncomfortable.
  • I want us to pray. Pray audacious, big, what seems like impossible prayers. Stop praying safe prayers. To us, what seems like impossible is not impossible for God. Your prayers are a reflection of your faith.
  • Be desperate for God. Stop relying on your money, your stuff, your ability. Be desperate for God. Realize that without God, we are not a church. Read Psalm 42:1 and Psalm 73.
We are not a church just for the sake of being a church.
We need a genuine Holy Spirit outpouring on our church.
People’s lives need to be radically changed with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We need our church to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that we will understand what it means to be truly revived and refreshed.
It is not always a sermon that changes a church but prayer.
Through prayer the church is changed. Through prayer we are more conformed to the image of Jesus. Through prayer lost people come to know Jesus. Through prayer the Holy Spirit is free to move and work.
We need to be a praying church. We do not need to have a service where the Spirit of God is not present.
We need to be dependent on and desperate for the Spirit of God in our lives and in our church.
When we are dependent on and desperate for the Spirit of God, we will be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Romans 1:16
Pastor Jimmy